Project Sports Training Room

We recently decided to upgrade our training studio, and one of the major changes we made was the installation of rubber tiles for the floor. Now that we have had some time to evaluate the changes, we would like to share our experiences and provide a review of the rubber tiles we had delivered.

Durability (5/5 stars): We are very impressed with the durability of these rubber tiles. Our studio has heavy traffic on a daily basis and the floor is exposed to weights, exercise equipment and constantly moving people. These tiles have shown no signs of wear and tear and continue to look like new even after months of heavy use. They have proven to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Safety (5/5 stars): Safety is of the utmost importance in our studio, and the rubber tiles definitely contributed to this. The shock-absorbing properties of the tiles have helped to reduce the impact on joints and muscles during workouts. Our customers have responded positively to the comfort the floor provides, especially when exercising with heavy weights. Moreover, the anti-slip property of the tiles has minimized the risk of slips and falls.

Soundproofing (4/5 stars): The soundproofing property of the rubber tiles helped us reduce the noise level in the studio. Although noise has decreased significantly, we still notice some sound being transferred into adjacent areas. However, this is significantly reduced compared to our old carpeting.

Maintenance (5/5 stars): Maintaining the rubber tiles is extremely easy. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping is sufficient to keep the floor clean and fresh. The tiles are resistant to stains and wear, which makes the cleaning process even easier.

Aesthetics (4/5 stars): Although the rubber tiles were initially chosen mainly for functional reasons, we are pleasantly surprised with how they look. They have a professional appearance and fit well with the overall appearance of our studio.

All in all, we are very happy with the rubber tiles we had delivered for our PT studio. Not only have they contributed to the safety and sustainability of our training space, but they have also contributed to the overall appearance and professional atmosphere of our studio. We would highly recommend these tiles to any fitness professional looking for a high-quality flooring solution for their workout area.