Who are we

Guras Rubber is a specialized supplier of recycled products for gyms and gardens. With our extensive range we serve the market at competitive purchasing prices. Since we have a As a manufacturer, we can supply directly from stock.

Fitness range
You have come to the right place for furnishing your gym. Due to the high quality of the rubber products, the gym floors are durable, comfortable and have a long lifespan. In addition, our sprint tracks are suitable for intensive use; the short fibers make the sprint tracks very wear-resistant.

Garden Assortment
Our garden range has a suitable product for every design. When it comes to artificial grass tiles for a beautiful appearance or rubber (multiplay) tiles, these are suitable for use at outdoor sports locations as well as in (play) gardens because of their damping properties.

Guras Rubber is a supplier of 100% recycled rubber products for floors in gyms and applications in and around the home. We supply throughout Europe to various organizations such as gyms, (sports) store chains and garden centers.

Online webshop for the sale of rubber tiles , sprint tracks and artificial grass and tiles for use in fitness rooms, gardens and roof terraces.

The Guras range has a wide range:

  • Rubber tiles in various sizes, both in standard and fine granulate
  • Sprint tracks in no fewer than 4 different colors and available in both 10 and 15 meters in length
  • Artificial grass tiles have a high-quality top layer of artificial grass. The tile is water permeable and is very suitable for use as a playground surface.

View our collection If you have any questions or would like to purchase multiple products in bulk, please contact our sales department via contact@guras-rubber.com.